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A grim northern land divided into several territories. There's Jǫkullfold, a sparsely populated northern region and home to trolls and ogres, Frekiheimr; a cold mountainous area, it's capital is Frosthold; Hagallland, eastern fjords filled with dragons which contains the Dragontooth Fjords and the town of Dragonhand; the West Plains, an open steppe populated by the Plainsmen, and finally Kolland, a badlands area bordering the West Plains inhabited by Orcs; Lasthold is the only human settlement in the region. Clovervale is a neutral enclave of idyllic highlands situated between Frekiheimr and Hagallland.


Mountains, fjords, forests, glaciers, steppes, and badlands

Fauna & Flora

Dragons, cave lions, cave bears, giant deer, bear sized wolves and elkhounds

Natural Resources

Wood, granite, slate, sandstone, and limestone

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