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Krynja and the Serpent

The origin of the Great Seer and the universe


Krynja battled a primordial serpent and was fatally wounded, and lost an eye. She killed the beast and its bones became the foundation of the earth, after creating the world a fang, that was lodged in the goddess fell into the world, it came to be known as the Evershard.   Having used up nearly all her energy she merged with the newly formed universe and gained omniscience.

Historical Basis

There's a "morning star" known as Krynja's Eye


Pretty much restricted to Krynja's cult

Variations & Mutation

In some versions she's the serpent's daughter

Cultural Reception

The Norns latched onto the "sacrificing body parts for knowledge" bit and now perform ritual amputations

Date of First Recording
Date of Setting
During the creation of the universe
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