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Ansgar and the Sky

A warrior fights cosmic forces


Ansgar, a warrior ordained at birth, becomes the greatest fighter in the land. Eventually becoming a servant for the gods.   A sorcerous overlord,Vaukar, one of Rhatar's servants, uses forbidden magic to blot out the sky. A battle of strength and whits ensued in the Brightworth Meadow. Just before his death the sorcerer used the Evershard in a blood ritual which caused the sun and moon to crash into the earth, which would destroy all of creation. The noble warrior is able to restore the celestial bodies by merging with the sky spirit, but by the time he does his mortal body had been pushed beyond its limits and he dies.   He's given a funeral pyre and granted godhood but an aspect of him remains to be reincarnated and defend the world.   The Evershard was given to a group of mages who took it to a remote area in the West Plains, and so the Evermere was founded along with the city of the same name.

Historical Basis

Records show that the sun and moon did act strangely a few centuries back


A common story among the Kaldr Menn and Isvæver

Variations & Mutation

In some versions he doesn't merge with a spirit and, instead, uses raw strength to restore the sky

Cultural Reception

The legend defined many aspects of Kaldr Menn culture including the Three Trials and Festival of Heroes

In Art

Stage productions of the heroes fight which are typically performed during the Festival of Heroes

Date of First Recording
776 A.E.
Date of Setting
733 - 766 A.E.
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