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Reindeer herders from the far north with an affinity for water magic. The very edge of their territory is a place called Knife's Edge. They're ruled by an aristocratic upper class obsessed with producing the best mages.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Kirsi, Aava, Alisa, Anna, Anna-Liisa, Camilla, Eerika, Elina, Elisa, Elsa

Masculine names

Alesksi, Anton, Edvard, Edvin, Erik

Unisex names



Culture and cultural heritage

Reindeer herders and farmers

Average technological level

Agriculture, metalworking

Common Dress code

Beaska, gákti

Art & Architecture


Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Simplicity, things are made by hand and serve a purpose


Beauty Ideals

Raven black hair and alabaster skin

Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
Languages spoken

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