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Also known as Scrollmagic, this is the divine language used by the Aik, the gods, to speak the world into existence.   It can be used to create sigils, seals, and, when spoken outloud affects the world. With practice it can be spoken by mortals and it comes much more naturally to the semi-divine. It has two descendants;   Black Speech - a bastardization used to corrupt   Fire Tongue - used by the inhabitants of the Askafold, it exclusively focuses on controlling fire


Logosyllabic script with radical-phonetic compounds

Geographical Distribution

The sacred language of learned wizards



Spoken by
Common Phrases
Kir'g Tal meaning
Earth rise  
Vass g'Hull meaning
Great water  
B'ss lok meaning
Fire inferno  
Tal'vara meaning
Wind torrent  
Nos'var meaning
Create object

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