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Eternal Tree (Legend)

A great nexus and pillar of blue light that reaches the heavens


Somewhere in the far, far, north beyond Jǫkullfold is a great pillar of blue energy that connects heaven and earth. It supposedly holds great power.

Historical Basis

The lands beyond the Ironclaw Wall are unexplored


There are whispers of the great Nexus among the Kaldr Menn and Isvæver

Variations & Mutation

It supposedly has great power that can be accessed by a god or godlike being. It may lead to a realm made of magic

Cultural Reception

A giant tree is the symbol for White Magic

In Literature

There's a, dubious, account from an explorer who may have actually seen it first hand

Date of First Recording
580 A.E
Date of Setting
433 - 1256 A.E
Related Ethnicities
Related Species

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