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Three Trials

A rite of passage that culminates in slaying a cave lion. Warriors undergo the rite between twelve and sixteen as a final test of their skills.   The three trials are thus;   The Trial of Tenacity   The Trial of Strength   And the Trial of Endurance


Young warriors from several settlements are brought together to undergo the first Trial.   Trial of Tenacity: young warriors fight in ritual combat with quarterstaves. The fights gauge their character and how they pick fights.   Trial of Strength: a month long fast in preparation for the final Trial   Trial of Endurace: the remaining warriors are separated and left in the wilderness with just a bronze knife. After a month they're retrieved and if they survived and killed a cave lion they're welcomed back into the community.   Conclusion: the lion hides and teeth are processed and the warriors blessed by the priest

Components and tools

Bronze knife. Cave lion hide and incense


Young warrior, family members, and priest after the allotted time

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