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Before heading out -
I'm so glad I didn't stay home today
While being attacked by a troll -
I should've stayed home today!
  Adventurers, either supported by a guild or freelancers, who are willing to delve into ancient tombs, fight horrifying monsters, and generally put themselves in harm's way for glory, treasure, or both.   Most of the time they're indistinguishable from pilgrims and soldiers, however, they tend to carry their weapons on their back



Martial prowess or combat magic, mental and physical fortitude. Preferably some combat military experience

Payment & Reimbursement

If they're in a guild payment is funnelled through them. They can also be commissioned by local governments or private citizens

Other Benefits

Fame, fortune, and the ability to move through the social strata.   They can carry out extrajudicial punishments and cross otherwise closed borders.



To explore the fringes of the map, discover new technology or magic, and fight paranormal threats


Serfs, slaves, freemen, disgraced knights, fallen nobility



Swords, bows, light or heavy armor


Guildhalls have their insignia on everything

Provided Services

Guild members get lodging and hot meals. Serfs and slaves are loaned starter gear until they can provide their own

Dangers & Hazards

Getting mauled by monsters, shell shock

Alternative Names
Treasure Hunter
Public Services
Demand increases on the fringes of society
Usually certifications from the local lord is needed because otherwise it's just grave robbing or trespassing, however, if the location is remote enough there's no need to ask permission. That also means there's no rescue if things go horribly wrong.
Famous in the Field
Related Locations

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