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The Tanoine were refugees from the World of Imphalas, saved by from certain destruction by the Tharaoh Sorceress Tuanna who sent them to the World of Tianant. Their name actually means "Children of Tuanna", and it is believed every Tanoine is related to her in some way, and that this is why the Tanoine produce a lot of Sorcerers.   They conquered the Continent of Moirar and under the banners of Avalinon. Their expansion brought them into conflict with the equally expansionist Imperium of Mjidian and the resulting war left both nations devastated.   After the war with Mjidian Avalinon broke up into multiple squabbling kingdoms constantly fighting each other which eventually left them weak against the invading Velamanni.   Eventually all that remained of the Tanoine Kingdoms was Lliannon and Galedein on the western coast of the Continent of Moirar, and Lliannon would fall to Esuanne 15 years ago.   Those of Tanoine descent still make up a significant portion of the population of the Continent of Moirar, particularly in the west, but they have very little political power.


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