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Hounds of Mordelein

A small rebel group in the Duchy of Valinsia who want to restore the independence of Lliannon. They are generally dismissed as little more than disgruntled nobles having secret meetings and moaning, since they do not do much. Their leader, Aneuren Moaire has been dwelling in the north-east ,in a camp in the Forest of Ashurielas, often supplied by local independent nobles. Kalember Goddin, the Duke of Valinsia knows they are there but since it would be a bit too costly to dig them out (and chances are cause more nobles to rise up against him), he has been happy to let them sit around doing nothing. Despite some restlessness from his own within his camp at them doing nothing, Aneuren has been waiting for the Daliesyn children to grow up.

Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names
Hounds of the Fallen Land
Dlien Ashurelias
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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