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Court of Stars

The Court of Stars. Towards the end of the war that destroyed the realm of Avalinon, the Enchanters of Avalinon built a home upon Inin Luthiat (the Isle of the Moon). There they declared themselves neutral in the civil war that followed fall of Avalinon, and became known as the Ys Aisse (the Court of Stars). There they started to function as intermediaries and judges between the various kingdoms, and even often manipulating the kingdoms and their rulers into doing what the Court wanted.   Eventually their much vaunted neutrality was compromised when Talithyr Sulise, brother of the Olewen Sulise, Queen of Towys became the High Enchanter (Penekhanti) of the Court of Stars. His alignment of the Court with the ambitions of Towys dragged every Tanoine Kingdoms into war and a lot of the Court of Stars defected to help defend their own kingdoms. By the end most of the Kingdoms were left devastated and Inin Luthiat itself was destroyed. The remaining Enchanters formed the Covenant of Alinniah in which they swore to never use their magic in battle or in service of a kingdom again. Now the Enchanters of the Tanoine are a loose association rather than a formal organisation.

Guild, Mages
Parent Organization
Inin Luthiat
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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