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Tuanna (a.k.a. The Great Mother)

A minor Tharaoh Sorceress assigned as governor of the small island backwater of Kerys. She had little interest in power of anything other than her books.   During the war that devastated the world of Imphalas, Kerys came under attack by 9 great War Jholems of the Themuat Scholacy. The people fled to the main city of @Eseult. Tuanna destroyed three, but could not stop them all. Then she did something even the Thitans were amazed by. She opened a portal to the world of Tianant and sent her people through. This process killed her, but to this day the Thitans are unsure how she did this feat. Something they themselves could not do.   The people of Kerys took the name of Tuanna to honour her sacrifice. Today they are known as the Tanoine (the Children of Tuanna), and somehow the magic of Tuanna runs very strong within them. To them she is known by the epithet, Pen Elain (The Great Mother).


Family Ties

Current Location
Ruins of Eseult
Year of Birth
197 BA 1079 Years old
Circumstances of Death
Expended her power & life to send her people to another world
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Tharaoh Sorcerers
Other Affiliations

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