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Mjidian-Avalinon War

Ancient War between the Tanoine Kingdom of Avalinon and the Mjidian Imperium.   Both nations were aggressive and expansionist and bound to come into conflict with each other. the war lasted over 80 years and was devastating to both empires, especially as magic was used by both sides. Avalinon had the more powerful Enchanters but the Mje had the higher numbers of Magi. There was no real peace treaty, the war caused so much damage to both nations thatt hey pretty much ceased to exist as they broke into many warring states.   Avalinon, broke into 11 warring states that eventually formed the 7 Tanoine Kingdoms. It's most powerful Enchanter's underwent The Change, and it's most prominent family, House Dacuaire was left extinct.   The Mjidian Empire was left in a much worst state. It's capital was left a crater (Tanoine Enchanters had caused a Meteor to crash on it), It splintered into a lot more warring factions, it's Imajhai splintered and created warring Mage Schools. The Mjidian-Avalinon war led straight into the 140 year series of wars known collectively as the Mage Wars. It was only with the rise of the Daurelian Imperium and the signing of the Arikhel Accords that the conflict ended.
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Realm of Avalinon

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Imperium of Tjidaria

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Territorial Expansion
Territorial Expansion

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