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The ancient sorcerers of the Imperium of Mjidian. They were just as much a part of the government of Mjidian as the army was. When the armies of Mjidian marched to war, so did the Imajhai.   It is believed the Imajhai were founded by some of the first Nunnaki created by the Thitans in an effort to defeat Elashamel.   The Imajhai were extremely xenophobic, and were particularly interested in capturing any enemy sorcerers, which they would then sacrifice in a ritual to try and create Djenne. It is believed they were the ones who pushed for war with Avalinon which resulted not only in their destruction but the destruction of Mjidian.   The Imajhai now live on in the Daurellian Mage Schools. In fact the word "Mage" comes from "Imajhai".

Guild, Mages
Parent Organization
Imperium of Mjidian
Subsidiary Organizations
Manufactured Items
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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