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The Mages of the Imperium of Mjidian would sacrifice any captured enemy sorcerers or criminal sorcerers in a ritual that would attempt to bind the souls of these sorcerers to a shard of Elacite. This process more often than not would fail, but when it did succeed these gems would become known as Magefire Gems and would be set into a ring. The Mage who wore the ring would then be able to command and summon these bound souls (who became known as Djenne) to work magic on their behalf.   A Djenne can manifest without command, but they are bound to their gem and can never be more than 10 metres away from it. Their clothing and appearance can change depending on their whim but in low light there is always a soft glow around them. They can choose to appear to everyone or just to the person who holds their gem and are bound to obey any sorcerer who holds the gem. If someone who is not a sorcerer holds their gem, this compulsion to obey is not there. They are just as powerful as before they became a Djenne and can use the same magic.   Despite their bodies being sacrificed in the ritual, it is not exactly clear if Djenne are Molichi (Undead) or Vainnuri (Changed).

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