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Amagus - The All-Knowing One

The All-Knowing Amagus

Amagus the All-Knowing One is the god of magic, knowledge, and discovery. Most wizards revere him as their god. He is also considered the creator of all mankind.


Legend says that Amagus made the race of men while Brigid was creating the elves to show his influence in the world. It is through the guidance of Amagus that they became the dominant race, conquering and spreading fast. Men established kingdoms in harsh environments and built mighty structures. This is why many of the human kingdoms in Talamh have Amagus as their god.   Because of his knowledge of the metaphysical, he decided to share it with mortals of Talamh. He watched to see what the creation would use the knowledge for. Some used it for good, others for evil. Amagus did not have bias to what to use the power for, instead wanting mortals to determine what it's true purpose was.

Divine Domains


Holy Books & Codes

There are no exact holy books for Amagus. Anything that involves gathering knowledge, like science journals and texts, are attributed to him, since he is the god of science and discovery.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Eyes of Amagus, the inscription of two red eyes that make his dominating presence even more fearful.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Amagus became sorrowful for the rough life Humanity lived in the mortal realm of Talamh. Because of this, he has blessed them with the wanderlust and hunger for knowledge as their greatest weapon against the magics he helped place in the world. Through knowledge, he has watched humanity become the greatest of all species through war and violence, something he is slowly regretting.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Two feiry eyes that never seem to stop staring at you, from any direction... Even behind himself.

Identifying Characteristics

Amagus most of the time has the image of looking like the night sky in his physical form, with the milky nebula concealing his face except his piercing, fiery eyes.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Amagus encourages wanderlust and exploration, even into the metaphysical realms. The use of magic and invention of weapons, tools, and other marvelous works please him. He loves seeing men achieves greatness.


Cardia - The All-Caring

Wife (Vital)

Towards Amagus - The All-Knowing One



Amagus - The All-Knowing One

Husband (Vital)

Towards Cardia - The All-Caring




Cardia was literally made from Amagus' heart. He created and formed her to be his bride and for her to correct him at times, so that he cannot be led into cold-hearted decisions.

Morganine - The Raven Queen

Ex-Wife (Vital)

Towards Amagus - The All-Knowing One



Amagus - The All-Knowing One

Ex-Husband (Trivial)

Towards Morganine - The Raven Queen




Before Cardia was created, Morganine served as the bride of Amagus. However, he soon grew disgusted by her unrelenting love of bloodshed with no purpose that he left her.

Divine Classification
Biological Sex
Often attributed to as male as a divine
A pale blue color
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White as snow
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