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Cardia - The All-Caring

Cardia, the All-Caring, was the goddess of Love and Hearth in human society. She was known as the Bride of Amagus and "The Red Lady".


Cardia was not originally a goddess that the race of men believed in. She made her appearance in the pantheon of the All-Divine when men finally conquered dragons. As the mythology tells, Amagus noticed the cruelty of men in their wars and his knowledge showed they could only survive if they showed mercy. As such, Amagus bore pain upon himself and removed his own heart, forming his bride, Cardia.   From Amagus' blood, Cardia formed her own angels to be in her service. However, a group of angels, led by Lilith, rebelled against Cardia to embrace an existence of lust and hedonism. They were cast out of the Celestial Plane, being thrown into the abyss to become demons called Lilans (or, Succubi and Incubi). Now, the clerics of Cardia do the goddess' bidding instead on the material world, hoping to spread acts of mercy and joy instead of selfishness and lust.

Divine Domains


Divine Symbols & Sigils

A heart shape

Tenets of Faith

  • Motherhood is to be respected. If a mother is a widow, give her a gift of coin. Respect mothers and fathers, for they are the ones who brought you into this world.
  • A brother or sister is greater than a friend. If you harm a sibling, pay twice the retribution you would a friend.
  • Display acts of mercy to those who hate you or have mistreated you.
  • Do not harm the unborn, for they are innocent in the eyes of the gods.
  • Children are precious, yet stubborn. Do not spare punishment or consequences, for it is the only way for them to learn love.
  • If a neighbor's house has been robbed, give them 10% of your wealth out of mercy.
  • Heal the sick, if it is in your power.
  • Bury your dead, for the world needs to be clean. Leave the dead to rest, and do not disturb their bodies.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Cardia values the preservation of life and showing it's fragile state. Her goal is to compliment her husband Amagus' value of intellect with the values of love to keep Humanity from becoming a reviled species.

Physical Description

Body Features

The entirety of her skin is red. Her hair is a bright copper color.

Facial Features

Two bright blue eyes, and a small smile at all times.

Identifying Characteristics

She often wears a very long red dress, and whenever depicted with Cerebrum, she is lifting his left hand with her right.

Physical quirks

She often holds her hands out to appear welcoming to those who approach.

Personality Characteristics


All Cardia wants is to share the virtues of love across humanity and the other sentient beings on Talamh.


Cardia - The All-Caring

Wife (Vital)

Towards Amagus - The All-Knowing One



Amagus - The All-Knowing One

Husband (Vital)

Towards Cardia - The All-Caring




Cardia was literally made from Amagus' heart. He created and formed her to be his bride and for her to correct him at times, so that he cannot be led into cold-hearted decisions.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Good
Biological Sex
Appears as a female

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