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Chronicles of Talamh

First Age, Year 4350

Created by

The Hand of History binds all those who walk upon the face of Talamh.   She controls their destinies. Delivering the fallen Dwarves, the divided Elves, and the enslaved Humans from their self-given fates. The Dwarves rebuilt, the Elves united, and Humans began to find their own destiny. They built kingdoms, fought in terrifying wars, and ruled the earth under the watch of celestials above,   These are the tales of the brave. Those who arose to answer the groan of suffering, to uncover treasures long lost, and those whose lust for riches warp the world around them. Heroes, villains, and thralls who accepted the hand of history. Their mark was heavily pressed upon the pages of chroniclers and minstrels.   These are the Chronicles of Talamh, collected and told by yours truly, Jethro!