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Member Since 15 Jan, 2019
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Autistic, ticking man with a knack for a good story and a good game!   You want to know MORE? Alright, forgive the formalities. I am a history major obsessed with Celtic mythology, and I'm trying to display my ideas of world building and storytelling in DnD settings. That's the plan, anyways.   Oh I'm trying to write a comic too. I'm working on that part...

Interests & Hobbies

Drawing, writing, reading comics

Favorite Movies

Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones

Favorite Books

Anything on Celtic Myth, Lord of the Rings

Favorite Writers

Stan Lee, Gerry Conway, David Michilenie

Favorite Games

Elder Scrolls, Mario, Legend of Zelda, City Skylines


Latest Loved work

Taiyotaiyang, the Maiden of Light

Emoguiji, Son of Ugeroth


Zug Praxis, Breaker of Thrones


Tallus Lupes

Melantha's Stand - Part I

Kleistan Hoplites