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Among the Nuaira

Among the Nuaira is a book written by Ezirandi scholar Agathain in 805 as a treatise of the varied Nuaira people. Unlike most material written by Ezirandi scribes after The Haphrises War, the work is written from a clinical, objective standpoint. The foreword, printed here, is the only reference to the scholar's personal opinion and beliefs regarding the Nuaira.


Identify and codify the various Nuaira ethnicities and variances. It does not include any information on the Euaira, as it was written before the sundering of the species.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Privately held by The Arcanum Institute in Thaimi, Ezir.

Legal status

The Magocracy of Ezir considers Among the Nuaira to be a heretical document and has banned any and all reproduction of the book. Although rare, copies are said to exist outside of the Magocracy. Most are held by collectors or scholars and their existence kept secret due to the Magocracy's agents actively seeking and destroying any that are found.

Historical Details


After the First Contact in Venidon, the author was one of the only Ezirandi to receive an invitation by the Nation of Nuaira to visit Nuaira, and spent fifty years in Leithlein. Agathain returned to Ezir in 805 to publish the book, where he died of infection and kidney failure at the age of seventy-two.
Authoring Date


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