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(Ancient) The Temple of Control

Humanity exists far beyond the CHG, including civilizations built off of the backs of the descendants of the inhabitants of Planet Loki... such civilizations are kept secret and the CHG pretends they're descended from regular seeded humans.

Anyhow, one such pocket of humanity existed on an oceanless size 6.21 (Earth is size 1) gravity 1.3 (Earth is gravity 1) planet with a fair number of different nations on it. One nation in particular is very interesting because it was basically what would've happened if the Pope had called for a crusade against monarchy for a Europe-wide Church-run empire... I don't have time to write a book of that anyone who wants to do this please do. It controlled its population, directly managed resources, had a merger of state and religion and was very militaristic.

Problem is that the tech around on this planet was very advanced and, as a result, this nation was able to subject its population to being injected with nanobots that could be remotely controlled to improve muscle growth, weaken muscles, cause heart attacks or induce certain emotions, horniness among them. The population wasn't aware of these nanobots, believing the gods were doing all of it.

Human sacrifice of undesirables was common, with said sacrifices consisting of minorities, the disabled, those who opposed the state and criminals and the sacrifices carried out by getting them into large flat areas, with everyone else on some kind of platform so that they could see it, and inducing the heart attacks while claiming they were induced by the gods. Those watching were made to feel great deals of pleasure so that they could get a taste for blood, making them willing to carry out atrocious acts for the state, and not oppose the state.

Manual labourers were made stronger to better perform their jobs, those who sat at desks allocating resources were made weaker so they'd cost less food. Horniness was ramped up to 20 for the lower classes so that they could be ridiculously numerous and the upper classes could live in luxury off of the increased production that came from this, while themselves getting regular happiness boosts from the nanobots to keep them compliant (more dangerous than a mob of peasants with pitchforks is someone who deliberately messes up in coding an AI).

So, where did it go wrong? Remember how literally everyone could be killed at any time with heart attacks in this nation? Funny thing that... it conquered the entirety of the planet in a war that left it peppered with radiation-heavy areas that just happened to be where cities used to be. They then subjected their new, larger population, to the same nanobot crap. It appears that someone accidentally slipped and cracked their forehead on a certain big red button because around 99.9% of the population died and their stone-spear wielding descendants were easily conquered by the CHG.

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