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(Tread) Horus 2 (especially the Iron Deserts)

This planet had the joy of being subjected to a meteor storm. A meteor storm made almost entirely out of iron. Then the planet was re-terraformed and skadoof we get a planet covered mostly in rust deserts and with barely enough oxygen in its atmosphere for it to be breathable because of the iron soaking it all up for its selfish self. Wonderful.


Has all sorts of biomes but the interesting things are how much of the planet's life died due to oxygen shortages and how what remains is being genetically modified to create a healthy degree of biodiversity by environmental NGOs. The inhabitants mostly wear oxygen masks and the planet is still being subject to passive terraforming to boost that oxygen presence.

Natural Resources

Tonnes of valuable iron. Not good for much else though.
Alternative Name(s)
The World of Iron Deserts, Iron Desert
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