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(Darkness) Erebus 1

4 moons. Extremely cloudy skies. How does this planet stay warm? Simple: its own mantle is ridiculously hot and those cloudy skies are brilliant for trapping heat.

Regardless, this world is in a perpetual state of darkness and that's led to some fun and interesting things. As has it having 3x the surface area of Earth despite it having the same gravity (it's made largely of lighter atoms, meaning that it can be lighter despite being far larger)


Cloudy skies, a single massive continent and endlessly deep oceans. Nice. The temperatures don't vary that much due to how winds in the clouds, which absorb all the heat, spread it everywhere. Nice.

Fauna & Flora

Plants on the surface are an obvious no-no but there are enough hanging around above those clouds soaking up tonnes of sunlight for tonnes of photosynthesis. Most of these are single-celled or are so thin and wide and light that they can hang around on clouds or glide around. Oh and of course there are animals up here that live off of these plants and get tonnes of oxygen to work with. And animals that live off of those animals.

After this oxygen has worked its way down to the land-scum, we have ourselves our animals and fungi. The majority of animals are either blind, only have the most basic eyesight for finding bio-luminescent edibles or have heat vision.

The vastness of the planet, combined with there only being 1 super-sized continent on it, makes for some schwifty survival of the fittest as predators aren't as limited in movement and so competition between them makes for fun things... like predators of predators... which is a funny way of saying the predators here are completely and utterly terrifying. Efficient, intelligent, highly aggressive and deadly: don't go walking around on this planet without some high-end combat gear.

The oceans are even worse in this regard, as beings aren't limited by temperature differences due to how warmth coming from the clouds means said warmth is more spread out. This is an extra funny way of saying that everything is killing everything in the oceans and good ol' evolution means this has resulted in some utterly terrifying beings that will eat your boat like I eat anything out of Nandos (not sponsored but hey Nandos I could always have you canonically survive all the madness, be around all the way to the CHG and appear in background shots if a show is made of my garbage or be where characters go for food if it never gets beyond books if you know what I mean.)

Natural Resources

Very little in the way of metals but water is useful for fusion so ships passing by don't mind snagging some out of the clouds.
Alternative Name(s)
Spooky Planet
Owning Organization


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