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(Wilds) Uncleared Worlds

"Ooohhhh, spoopy, next you're gonna tell us they're full of terrifying violent sadistic animals and other natural threats, aren't you?"

Am I that predictable? Well, yeah. Uncleared worlds are ones that haven't gone through a 20-year process of constantly being checked over as safe locations for colonies, meaning that nobody is allowed to live there without special licensing (the testing for which usually includes "how good are you at not accidentally removing your gas mask in your sleep>" and "what about not accidentally shooting yourself when you go to sleep with a gun in your hands?").

But how bad can it get if it isn't cleared? Well, here's an example from before the policy was implemented:

Munchy Scrunchy is a fungi that infects mammalian hosts, including humans, and makes them permanently hungry, giving them massive dopamine releases whenever they eat anything. It then takes that nutrition to grow out of the mammal's back and scalp, numbing the host's sense of pain as they do so. This eventually leads to the hosts eating dirt, rocks or - all too often - themselves as they can't feel any pain from it, killing them. The fungi, having sprouted massively from the host at this point, can release tonnes of spores using that material the host ate. At the same time, the fungi can spread though bites and into any creatures that ingest the faeces of the infected. When the planet it was on, Terra 17, was found it was in the midst of an extinction event of all mammals - as well as the fungi itself.

However, human interference ended up helping the fungi as someone who was farming rarrets, a popular mammalian pet that breeds very rapidly and is able to operate normally for the first 3 months of infection (most other species die within the week) due to a partial immunity, didn't properly lock the door of their cage and they were released into the wild, acting as the perfect proliferating hosts for the disease. Due to the fact that rarrets are very friendly and cute, children that were playing outside before knowledge of the fungus was widespread would often play with them, including stroking the strange humps that were appearing on the backs of the rarrets. Eventually, these rarrets would enter their aggressive state and try to eat the children, killing some and infecting the others.

The infected children, many of whom didn't get any treatment due to them not telling their parents or their parents not taking them to hospitals (there's no free healthcare in the CHG and these families were mostly low-income), eventually showed signs of infection and turned upon their familiars, causing numerous deaths and more infections.

Although the fungus was contained and then allowed to naturally die out, with all that remains of it existing in CHG facilities (in case they ever feel like using it... a good portion of The LIR or League of Intelligent Races 's species are mammalian), thousands died at the hands of their unofficial pets and family members or having just killed said loved ones.


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