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Year 1260 after the Wanderer's fall

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Welcome to Calethos: a homebrew DnD fantasy campaign setting, rich with its own history and unique geography, different cultures and societies, mystical sites, deities and folklore, myths, monsters and magic.

Learn about Veil magic and the calamity that befell The Arkhenith Empire and admire the love and devotion that The Wanderer has shown to all living races.   Visit metropolises like Tenebry, Iastradore or Equeivëso. Learn about personalities like Headmaster Straphiar Izahl of the Great Library of Thissima. Or advisor to King Aerric Ealdeheart, current ruler of The Realm of Irimond, Jevemtek Bebarval. Explore continents and cultures, let yourself be enchanted by Elves and Dwarfes alike.

Enter Calethos, where the Gods themselves walk the earth.
Enjoy exploring this world. There is much more to come and it will be updated as time goes by.