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Iastradore, blessed by Eohr's kiss, is one of the known world's largest cities. It's palaces, gleaming in the sunlight, are able to blind anyone who gazes upon them for too long. Iastradore's merchants, whose network spans the whole continent of Ra'dishra and beyond, are cunning and resourceful and their wares are of superb quality.   It is also said that you may find legendary artifacts of long lost civilizations at Iastradore's numerous black markets. These items may be unobtainable for most mortals but it is not unheard of that unusual bargains may be struck underneath baldachin-covered courtyards.
Iastradore is an enormous, sprawling city with a multitude of districts, the largest port in the known world and it hosts influential and powerful trade houses.

In the following a few of Iastradore's most notable landmarks are listed.

  • Mahebta's Grove is Maharene Tibeshu's palace. This estate houses a multitude of servants, ladies in waiting and confidantes of Maharene. Its delicate gold-inlaid spires can be seen glinting from afar and truly are a sight to behold.
  • Alabaster Market: Sculptures and art, small statues, artisan craftwork
  • Weaver's Hall: Garment market and dyers' district
  • Gallery of Agreements: Locale where Iastradore's traders and those dealing with them strike profitable trade deals, a vast complex of baldachin-covered nooks, cafés, fountained courtyards and hidden meeting rooms
  • Basar of a thousand Blades: Weaponry and smithing district
  • Scholars' disctrict "Path of Insight"
  • Trade district "Atinafu's Blessing"
  • Ga'adissa's Star: Central thoroughfare and plaza, enjoyed by all citizens of Iastradore
As of late, the construction of a large structure dominates the city's skyline as well as its populaces' gossip and the purpose and design of the tall structure is beyond the knowledge of most of Iastradore's citizens. Which, of course, further flames its gossipy potential. By all accounts the structure seems to be a tower of sorts, slim in build, unusually and impracticably tall with strange metall struts protruding from its sides. It is said to be commissioned by the Tibeshus themselves and mocking voices insinuate that Akil's megalomania has gotten the better of him and that he is quite literally reaching for the heavens. Akil is aware of these fabrications and people close to him have caught him deliberately fanning these scandalous insinuations. He is not in the least bothered by them (quite amused, in fact) and knows that his reasoning behind the commission of the build is highly practical in nature. And for the benefit of the whole empire...


Iastradore is administered by the Magisterial Triumvirate. Three individuals are appointed by the head of the Trade Empire to run its most influential trade hub. The triumvirate splits its responsibilities into three fields:
  • Civil matters are handled by Atuwa Chimelu
  • Trade is supervised by Ebeju Hakunda
  • Security and city ward, executed by the Agate Guard, is overseen by Chideyo Namandi


Iastradore’s city guard goes by the name of the Agate Guard and its size and manpower belittles some small states’ armies. Additionally their members are disciplined and well-trained and it is said that the city’s most wealthy and influential families have their hand in directly funding the Guard. Not only is Iastradore a vast, densely populated city, where order needs to be upheld, it also holds immense riches which need protecting. The Magisterial Triumvirate is aware of the importance of order and safety in Iastradore: Trade, commerce and building trust between trade partners is this city’s lifeblood and the safety of its assets and commodities is required. Thus the Agate Guard not only upholds the law, but it also functions as a security force for the city’s traders and economic magnates.


This is but a minuscule fraction of the city's many, many institutions, places of learning and worship, stores and administrative buildings.
  • Malaku's Journey: Observatory
  • Feather of the prophet: Philosophical institute
  • House of Taint: Prison
  • Wakumu's Eye: Arcane academy

Inns and Taverns
  • Windsong Inn
  • Shaded Canopy
  • Silken Breeze
  • Dervish's Rest
  • Yuuba's Roundelay

  •   Stores
    • Hembibi's Emporium
    • Bekeba's Hand
    • Sandsabre
    • Silk and Turmaline
    • Diamond Gleam
    • Sarete's sumptous Bouquet - precious spices and delicacies
    • Havutu Gebesso's Groceries and general Equipment

    Guilds and Factions

    Most branches of trade are separate from another and to specialise has proven to be a prudent business strategy in this vast city. These are some of the most influential trade houses:
    • Ban'besso: Maritime trade , trade fleet
    • Eshasso: Construction materials
    • Hab'uhirri: Grain, produce, agriculture and livestock
    • Solomo: Caravan business and cross-country transport
    • Satarja: Fabrics, cloth and dyes, leather and tannery
    • Jahala: Woodworks and shipbuilding 
    • Mai'kiju: Gemstones and precious metals 
    • Amuteji: Artisan craftworks and goldsmiths 
    • Kumal'aju: Ore, iron and metal works
    • Hirkisa'asso: Stonemasonry
    • Numbalele
    • Galjassi
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    Alternative Name(s)
    Blessed by Eohr's kiss
    Large city
    Characters in Location

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