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The energies that flow through Cairne have touched many peoples and races and creatures since the Blight was brought down upon the Seanachaisians, but few have been as changed by it as the Mentalists. These psychically sensitive individuals are trapped between the world they live in, and another that only they can see, as all secrets are laid bare before them and the hidden voices within the denizens of Cairne sing a maddening chorus of cacophonous noise that buffet their ears constantly. Mentalists are extremely rare and solitary people, but on occasion will venture out to seek answers and assist others for reasons they seldom disclose. Most ordinary folks think them mad or driven by whatever evils still dwell in the Void, but ask a Mentalist what motivates them, and most will answer, "quiet..."



A mentalist is a master of the heart and the mind and has learned to exert their will upon the word by merely projecting their desired upon it, and making it so. They require a powerful mind and an innate understanding of how a person works. It is not an easy path, as the mentalist will never know peace nor quiet.



The Mentalist fills many roles. As a master of manipulating people and often, reality itself, they can seemingly fill any niche to some degree. They are also powerful spies and scouts.

Social Status

Mentalists, being gifted their abilities by chance, are viewed with a degree of awe and caution. They struggle with social interaction due to their abilities making it difficult to tune out the noise and chatter of other minds and even spiritual activity at times. This makes them seem aloof and detached. There are still many places where Mentalists are treated with disdain and mistrust.


This is a very rare ability caused by a genetic mutation as a result of exposure to the Void.

History   The initial history of those affected by this change is a sad one, the first documented case being the daughter of a prominent researcher. Left unchecked, it consumed the girl with its power and she lashed out angrily at the world, causing a great deal of harm and damage. While generally accepted, there is always a degree of wary caution when people see someone wearing a Peacebound Mask, especially in the wake of the events caused by Mauve Einstrahum .



A mentalist without their Peacebound Mask is at a disadvantage, as they have suffer from the constant bombardment of the "noise" around them that bleeds into their minds from those around them.


A mentalist generally needs no actual workplace.

Provided Services

The power of the Mentalist is their ability to know and understand the world around them on a level far beyond the scope of normal experience. THey are finely attunted to the psychic realm and can spread their senses far and wide, making them perfect scouts, spies, advisors, support, and in some cases, even assassins.

Dangers & Hazards

The psychic realm of Cairne is a dangerous one. There are things lurking in the realm between the physical and the psychic that seek out and feed upon or harm the Mentalist is they can, and many of their abilities leave their physical bodies defenseless while they work.
Alternative Names
Psychic, Void Touched. Mystic, Seer
While people remain wary of anything that seems remotely supernatural, many will call upon the services of a Mentalist for reasons of personal curiosity, to international espionage.
This profession is entirely legal, though treated with caution and are usually watched closely if possible.

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