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The Ocularist has, either by choice or circumstance, forgone their sense of sight entirely, and in doing so, gained an empowered mental acuity in turn. They become hyper aware of the worlds around them, both the physical and the beyond, and can use and even manipulate this to great effect.



The Ocularist must completely give up their ability of sight, rendering them blind, physically.

Other Benefits

Expanded Ability List

  Upon taking this subclass, the Mentalist gains blindsight 30'.   The path of the Ocularist allows one to gain an expanded list of abilities. The following are added to the list of Mentalist abilities when choosing this path.   
Mentalist Level Feature
1st Intuition
6th Mental Failsafe
10th The Projectionist's Assistant
14th The Unified Mind
  Intuition Beginning at level 1, the mentalist can boost their awareness on an assiduous level, granting them a near precognitive means to judge the rhythm of a situation and granting them a +1 bonus to all initiative and save rolls for one minute. This ability can be used at the start of combat as long as it is stated prior to any actions being taken in initiative.   Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.   Mental Failsafe Beginning at 6th level, the Mentalist has trained their mind to be so painfully aware of their surroundings that their mind remains in a constant state of alertness as long as they are conscious. Because of this, should the mentalist fail a save that against any type of mind altering or controlling effects, they may reroll the save one time, keeping the result.   Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.   The Projectionist's Assistant Beginning at 10th level, you have honed your mind to be more fully aware of the realm between the physical and the beyond. When using your ability to astral project or view remotely in any way, you can the uncanny habit of detaching a small part of your awareness to boost your cognitive perception while outside of your own physical sensory perception. This acts as a small, fist sized wisp of your essence and can take whatever form in that realm as your character's personality would manifest it. While in this state and using these abilities your wisp can make it's own, independant perception rolls as it rolls around your psychic form.   The Unified Mind Starting at 14th level, the Mentalist gains the ability to enter a trance like state and blanket an area around them in a web of interconnected consciousness. While in this state, the Mentalist will remain still and immobile, though they may remain standing or sitting for the duration. When active, the Mentalist creates an invisible web of interconnectivity with all the minds in a 60' radius centered on them. This web, while silent and unobtrusive, grants every friendly target a plus one bonus to attack and defense rolls while active, the effect lasting up to one minute and requiring full physical concentration. Furthermore, the Mentalist may attempt to push their influence on any enemy minds as well causing them disadvantage on any attack or defense rolls. The target must make a successful Intelligence save vs the Mentalist's ability DC, or be forced to reroll and keep the worse option. The Mentalist may use this ability as their action once per round for the duration or until interrupted.   You must finish a short or long rest before you can use this feature again.
Alternative Names
The Blind Seer

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