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The Perdu

The Invisible Hammer, this Mentalist focus employs a focus on debilitating opponents with stealth and trickery. By utilizing illusions and tricks of light and shadow, ,the Perdu dominates the world around them by use of powerful distractions and sensory manipulations, and then exploits them to great advantage and often overwhelming effect upon those that they have chosen to practice their gift upon. Through their ability to do this they can not only debilitate an opponent, but inflict powerful harm upon them by focusing telekinetic power into a concussive force against another.


Other Benefits

Expanded Ability List

    The path of the Ocularist allows one to gain an expanded list of abilities. The following are added to the list of Mentalist abilities when choosing this path.  
Mentalist Level Feature
1st Mask of Obscurity
6th Aura Lock
10th Boosted Maneuver
14th Force Hammer
    Mask of Obscurity The mentalist can, beginning at first level, use their abilities to cause all those around them forget they are there. While close scrutiny will reveal the ruse, the Mentalist causes observers to not notice them. Passersby will have a faint memory of a non-descript individual, but will not be able to remember more detail than that. This is able to be countered with a successful Intelligence save and lasts for one minute. If used in combat, the effect is cancelled the moment the Mentalist attacks or manipulates any object not already on their person. This does require concentration to maintain.   Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.    Aura Lock By level 6 the Mentalist has discovered the ability to manipulate an aura in such a way that they are able to lock a single individual in place, stopping all movement and effectively paralyzing the target. The ability requires line of sight, and the target may make an intelligence save to resist the effects. This ability affects all creatures with an aura, including Blight Born and the Undead. Once trapped, the target may make a strength save vs the Mentalist's DC once per round in an attempt to force their way out, otherwise the effect last for one minute or until the Mentalist ceases to concentrate on the ability.    Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.   Boosted Maneuver  Upon reaching level 10, the Mentalist has gained enough self control over their own body, that they are able to relax their entire physical frame and allow their mind to guide their movements gaining both physical speed and dexterity, as well as precision of movement and heightened reaction times. This ability takes a single round to activate uninterrupted, but once completed, the Mentalist falls into a telekinetic control scheme of their body, using solely the power of their mind to move and fight. They recieve a +2 bonus to AC, advantage on Dexterity saves, double movement and jump distance, and an additional action. Any reactions used against the Mentalist while under this effect are made at disadvantage. Any attacks made by the Mentalist are made at a +2 bonus to hit and to damage, and ad an additional 1d4 to the damage roll as well.   Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.    Force Hammer At level 14, the Mentalist that has chosen this path has acquired the ability to manipulate their will in such a way that they are able to bring down a strike of psychic force upon their target. While no physical strike occurs, they Mentalist pushes the idea into the targets head that it is happening, causing the body to react as though it were physically struck. If the target fails an Intelligence save, they believe the intrusion to be real, and suffer 4d6 psychic damage and are knocked prone. If they pass the save, the target instead only takes half damage and manages to keep their feet. This is a taxing ability that costs 4 points to utilize.
Alternative Names
The Invisible Hammer

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