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The Psychogenic Primer

This subclass focuses on the defense and enhancement of both the Mentalist and their allies. Using their ability to manipulate perception and even the world itself, they are able to exert no small degree of control over the flow of a battle.


Other Benefits

The path of the Psychogenic Primer allows one to gain an expanded list of abilities. The following are added to the list of Mentalist abilities when choosing this path.  
Level of Mentalist Feature
1st The Limbic Upheaval
6th Optical Delay
10th Friction Field
14th Ergokinesis
    The Limbic Upheaval  Starting at first level, the Mentalist is able to send a surge into a single target's mind, washing over them with a wave of inspired drive and determination. This ability allows the target to add 1d4 to all attack and save rolls for the duration of one minute. The ability does require the Mentalist maintain concentration to keep the effect active.   Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.   Optical Delay By the time the Mentalist has reached level six, they have developed the ability to cloud a target's vision with chronological delays, causing them to think a target is standing and doing what they were 3-5 seconds prior. This offers enough of a delay in action and reaction that the next roll made by the target is made at disadvantage.    You may use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you may not use it again until you finish a short or long rest.   Friction Field Upon reaching level 10, the Mentalist has achieved enough control over the physical realm that they are able to create a field of friction around a single target. The effect lasts for one hour and requires no concentration. The shielded target maintains a damage resistance of 3 versus any physical attack that attempts to breach the field. This resistance lasts until the field absorbs a total of 30 points of damage, or the duration run out. Furthermore, this ability also makes any attempts to grapple the shielded target very difficult. All attempts to grapple the shielded target are made at disadvantage.    Ergokinesis Starting at 14th level, the Mentalist may, as a reaction, attempt to redirect the flow of an energy attack made at a target within line of sight. The ability requires the Mentalist make an Intelligence save to catch and redirect the energy, and may also expend additional points to add a bonus to the roll, one per point expended. These additional points must be stated prior to the roll being made. Success allows the Mentalist to push the flow of energy away from the target and safely direct it at a slight angle, (no more than 30 degrees). Failure fails to catch the energy flow in time and still expends the points.
Alternative Names
The Altruistic Manipulator, The Psychic Defender

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