Transmorgrifier Profession in Cairne | World Anvil


The power to alter the threads of reality is not always subtle or gentle, and in the case of the Transmorgrifier, it can often be painful as well. These Mantalists are painfully aware of the physical realm around them, often feeling the world around them as though it were an extension of their own bodies. With this awareness they have focused their mental abilities so poignantly that they have gained the ability to command and shape the physical aspects of the world around them to their will. Unlike the Resonator, this is not a subtle shaping, but rather a painful twisting of the physical aspects of the world, tearing, bending, and breaking the things that have become entangled in their awareness. The act is one that is horrendous to behold, but the effectiveness cannot be argued with. Few are brave enough to stand in opposition to this type of Mentalist.

Cover image: transmorgrifier by Midjourney


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