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The Justicars are a branch of the Imperial Government of Valgarde.   Charged by the Emperor to hunt and eliminate any and all arcane threats to the Empire and its allies.   Since the demonic incursion in 353STF the Justicars have acted as military investigators, above any law and answerable only to the Emperor himself.   Each Justicar is magically enhanced by taking raw Avarite crystals into themselves during the ritual the Rigors of Arcadence. Those that survive and receive Arcadence are fortified against Arcane and demonic spells and empowered with limited spells of their own. Thus armed they take to the towns and cities of the empire, ever vigilant for the apostate, demon or fiend.   Though their primary goal is the defence against arcane threats the Justicars will often also act as the local authority on more mundane crimes, overseeing trials and punishment on behalf of local lords. They are also heavily involved with the security of the Empire's schools of magic and will often be present in force during the final exams and graduation ceremonies.   Some especially valuable or powerful circle mages will be assigned a Justicar, typically a junior member, as a warden and bodyguard.


The Lord Justicar is head of the order.    The Senior Justicar Knights for the Obsidian Council and order most deployments and missions.    Knight Justicars are the most senior field agents.    Justicars are the most numerous of their order and form the rank and file.


Protection through purgation is a hard-won truth that the order clings to in order to make the hard choices. Any weakness when dealing with the apostates and possessed mages can only lead to greater tragedy, better to make a smaller sacrifice now to prevent the more devastating.

Public Agenda

To defend Valgarde and her allies from rogue mages and the demons that they can attract.


The Justicar's base of operations is the Obsidian Monastery  in Argent's Gate . They are above the law of the Empire, empowered to do what is needed to protect its people from arcana or demonic threats and can requisition or repurpose any property within the empire to do this.

Protection through Purgation.

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Government, Secret Service
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Witch Hunters
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