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Himavanta Forest (He-mah-vah-tah)

The Himavanta is a forest that surrounds the base of Mount Mahameru known for its mystery in many local legends. A wide variety of unique natural and preternatural creatures endemic to the forest have been the stuff of legends for peoples living near the mountain. Also there are certain people groups and settlements that have thrived exclusively within the forest territory.


Himavanta is located within the Mahameru  which is a mountain system in Dinillahi , comprising a series of parallel and converging ranges and forming the highest mountain region in the world. The climate in the Mahameru is quite unpredictable. The Alpine climate varies according to the elevation. It gets colder as the elevation increases and gets wetter as the elevation drops. However the majority of the forest has the Zomia Tropics characteristic humid rainforest climate with the highest joints resembling more like a subtropical cloud forest.     While most of the forest is technically unsettled, as most of the races that dwell within are foragers and nomadic, at least one settlement is officially recognized: Bodhi Village.

Fauna & Flora

Himavanta is well known as the abode for many liminal and hybrid looking creatures. Qilin are hooved and antlered chimera said to live mostly within the forest. Various lions are said to roam the forest as well, many that are visual distinct for lions native to other areas. The breed of pegasus known as the Ma Peek is said to have been encountered near the Himavanta.     Many fey can be found within the forest, the Kinnari harpies are possibly the most well known natives of the place. Arguably the forest is also known for various lamia groups that originate for the Himavanta. Many dryads and alraunes are also native to the region.


The Himavanta has always been seen as a legendary place filled with fascinating creatures that have been described in local legends and local artwork. This had led to the forest being seen as a sacred place for much of the various people groups within the territories of Ayuthaya and parts of the Deshi region.


Recently a tour of the forest has been allowed after decades of gridlock due to concerns about native
Alternative Name(s)
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
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