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Qilin (chee-lihn)

Qilin are a species of animal known in myths as xianshou, known for their preternatural qualities like their specific mannerisms, and high intelligence and morality. They are often secluded and are endemic to very select parts of the Yaojing region.

Basic Information


Qilin are quadrupeds with a main body similar to that of other ungulates likes deer or horses, cloven hooves, eyes with long lashes, hair in the form of flowing manes and beards, and antlers on both sexes. Qilin heads are long and pointed looking vaguely similar to long dragons and their bodies have a tessellated coat pattern that even looks similar to their scales.

Biological Traits

Fire Breathing: Qilin have the ability to blow a stream of scorching flames from their mouths, with temperatures hot enough to breath bluish fire. Instead of a dedicated organ for fire production like some species, qilin instead intuitively conjure this fire from magic power. This ability is used only by a qilin encountering an entity that it dubs malevolent and thus is rarely used.    Fiery Aura: Qilin can also light their manes on fire or surround themselves with magical fire that doesn't harm the user. Again this is an innate ability they use exclusively those that do wicked deeds.   Air Step: Qilin can collect mana underneath their feet to serve as platforms which enable them to walk seemingly on water or in the air.

Growth Rate & Stages

As creatures tied to divine realms,

Ecology and Habitats

It is highly suggested that qilin actually originated from godrealms associated with the Shen celestial bureaucracy. Those in the natural world of Kaf often prefer to live within secluded thick forests far from inhabitation.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Qilin are strict vegetarians that only consume plant and fungal material, even avoiding small animals like insects. They will eat shrubs, grasses, roots, fruit and flowers.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Due to their association with divinity, they are seen as symbols of luck and success.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Endemic to portions of Yaojing and Zomia Tropics

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Qilin have a remarkable sense of intuition, often accurately determining whether a person harbors aggression or peacefulness in their mental state. Accounts have been made of qilins being brought to grand courts where they use this divine perception to determine if a defendant is truly guilty or innocent, though they are rare and circumstantial records that might show that a lot of embellishment was likely involved.
Antlered, Horned
2000 years
Conservation Status
Geographic Distribution

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