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Goddess Domnu

Written by Pookas Kreations

Goddess Domnu Argentum Andoon (a.k.a. Annwn, Argentum, silver hair, Doon, Andoon, Noden, Nodon, Duillis)

Her name means “the deep.” She is the Goddess of mining, miners, minerals, the underground, deep water, rising water, and the Underworld. Also, the mother of the Fomorians. They were often called the children of Domnu and were said to have come from the deep caves of the Underworld. She is the sister of Danu, Goddess of the Sea , mother of the Tuatha de Dannan.

Domnu is called by many names, silver hair, the burning dark, or dark flames. She is the guardian/ruler of the Underworld, the resting place of the Ancestors. Her children, the Fomorians are giants on the surface, but underground in the tunnels and mines, they are only the size of Dwarf or Halfling. She has empowered her miners to be able to fit where they normally wouldn't be able to.


She was worshiped by the Fomorians, Damnonians (Fir Domnann or Fir Bolg), Nemedians, and others in the area. The kingdom was called Damnoni which meant 'where men deepen the earth, or 'men under the care of the goddess of the deep'.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is built like a gymnast.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She is a Sun Elf, descended from the Astralus. Domnu was one of the Ascended that became bored and traveled to seek a hobby. 

When they arrived on Aquatica, they found her, saw how she had carved out a kingdom of her own, created a race of people to be her followers, and do her bidding. They were raised to think that she was a Goddess.

Failures & Embarrassments

The failure to protect her children from being corrupted by the The Chaos Wars. The radiation mutated them into the beings they are now today.
Divine Classification
Dark purple glowing eyes
Long, silver with dark glowing flames
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white skin
6 ft 10 in
120 lbs
Aligned Organization

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