Robert Hersey (a.k.a. Bob)

Runespells Bonus Material w Spoilers
The demons sucked, but they’re demons. They are supposed to suck. You know who pisses me off? Bob! Not-so-frickin’-good-ol’ Bob. That little, backstabbing son-of-a-weasel can suffer in the hell of his own choices, as far as I’m concerned. Asshole shot me! After he betrayed Keith. After he frickin’ kidnapped me! After the bastard threatened to torture my friends! I just wish I knew for sure that the piece of crap was actually dead.
  Bob is the thorn in Nicola Crandall's side. He first meets her while working with Keith Ludlow to create the army of the Covenant of World's End.   Too Wyrd Spoilers
Bob betrayed Keith and attempted to torture Nicola, Mercy, and Joseph Andress to find the Runespells. When they escaped, he attacked them at the Granery and was injured in the fire Nicola set off to get the people caught there to safety.
  Fluffy Bunny Spoilers
Bob was taken to the Hand of Aesclepius Healing Commune and placed in the care of Nancy Gaona. He was eventually healed and told Zaro Gaona where Nicola's family was, leading to Ella and MaryLou being attacked by Zaro.
  The Chains That Bind Spoilers
Bob met Stella Kormer along the Appalachian Trail to collect the Runespells she held. He was supposed to free Fenrir to help start Ragnarök, but Nicola stopped him.
After a long fight, Nicola killed him, and his body was fed to Fenrir by Hel.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bob has a compact build. He moves like he has military training.


Religious Views

Bob is a fanatical follower of Jehovah, willingly hurting and even killing to do as the god wills.


He sometimes quotes the Bible, particularly when making a point about someone else's worth.
Year of Birth
1974 45 Years old
Biological Sex
Brown and hard
Brown and grown out of a military cut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned, leathery
5'9" or 1.75m
175lbs or 79.38kg
Aligned Organization
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