Covenant of World's End

The Covenant of World's End is an organization that functions as both army and financial resource for Keith Ludlow. He puts on shows of power to recruit members, and he focuses on a combination of training and job placement for many of the lower income people he attracts.

Mythology & Lore

Odin is preventing Ragnarök from happening for his own gain. Ragnarök will usher in a time of joy for humans without the tyranny of Odin and his cohorts. It is, therefore, for the good of humanity that Ragnarök begin.

Divine Origins

Keith recieved much of his information and the mythology to support it from his close confidante and right hand man, Bob. Bob likely got the information from Jehovah.

Granted Divine Powers

Keith recieved four of the Runespells to use in "proving" his divine connection and increase his influence.
Founding Date
Religious, Cult
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Notable Members
Defunct Members*
Jada   *at the time of Too Wyrd

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