Homo sapiens (humans, mankind) are the ostensibly dominant species on Earth. They are also the only sapient species that they recognize. Any other sapient, non-magical species are considered anthropomorphism.   A type of intelligent primates, humans are terrestrial animals with bipedal movement and erect posture. They have significant manual dexterity and are prolific tool users.   Humans have complex organized societies with multiple layers of hierarchy for all aspects of life. They have complex verbal language that extends into abstract and philosophical vocabulary, as well as non-verbal communication. The non-verbal aspects are often sub-conscious to the point of being disregarded unless it is being studied.   The primary effect of humans on the world is that, for optimal survival, this species has actively and aggressively changed the environments in which they live. Considering the population size and variability of human survival with this tactic, there are few if any places on the planet's surface that hasn't been affected by these changes.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Complex, multilayered, variable

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Worldwide, clumped

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Humans have the ability to cast magics with ease, but their own need to find logic in events suppresses magics.   Too Wyrd Quote
“You can go through all the worlds and the astral plane,” Mercy pressed forward. She seemed a little awestruck by the idea. “We can travel to the worlds, through the bifrost, but you can just... be there.”

She shifted in her seat. “The gods need gateways to even enter the bifrost. But humans are part of all the worlds. Humans exist in all the worlds. You can just move into the astral or into the bifrost, or any other world, with enough skill.”

Mercy looked over at me. “You humans have such capacity for knowledge and intuition because of this, not that you ever use it. You could be as powerful as the gods in your own right.”
~ Too Wyrd

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Nations, "races," geopolitical, and geographical locations and/or origins

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

In general, all other species are seen as inferior and non-sapient, except for when a few sub-cultures hold a minority philosophy. Those who encounter god-creatures do not necessarily see these beings as other species. Most do not know how to interact with alien or paranormal sapient species.
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens
85 years
Average Height
1.6-2.1 meters
Average Weight
55-90 kg
Geographic Distribution
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