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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Alessandra, Darleen, Elnoa, Eslira, Meara, Raven, Roslin, Tylhana

Masculine names

Aidan, Alistaire, Blaine, Corwyn, Donnovan, Falenor, Faolan, Reven, Sean, Terrowin, Trahvor, Victravor, Zylovar

Family names

Corrain, Drummin, Folas, Maclan, Shelak


Major language groups and dialects

Most revanians speak common as their main language, though they have their own recognizable accent and words which stem from their ancestral language revenik. Their accents are rougher than the more southern or eastern forms of common, but there are few communication problems between the forms spoken. Their ancestral language revenik is no longer thought to most people as its runic language which resembles that of giant's is less efficient than the standard common alphabet. Some scholars still practice the language and the Whitehall Dynasty is known for teaching their heirs to speak and write the language to maintain some connection to their ancestry.

Culture and cultural heritage

Revanian stems from the ancient culture now known as Old Revanian, it shares many of its rites and values but differ in some ways. Many revanians would call the new revanian culture an imperial washed version of their old traditions as many of their gods, rites and traditions were banned by the Trugarian Empire and replaced or reformed into more acceptable traditions in the eyes of the empire. Others have praised the changes as life has become easier for many revanians and the new culture is a reflection of the better way of life now widespread across the revanian territories.

Shared customary codes and values

The main values of the revanian culture are honor, bravery, truth and dignity.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The sun bath is an anicnet revanian tradition which was mostly found within the Old Revanian culture, but many still practice it, including the royal family. The sun bath is a ritual dedicated to Pelor as it is done to make sure he protects the child through their first years alive. The sun bath is done by a priest of Pelor who sinks a child into water on a sunny day when the sun is at the highest. The priest says a prayer to Pelor to have him bless and protect the child, the ritual also works as a naming for the child where the child if officialy given its name.

Coming of Age Rites

The revanians who live around the Emerald Lake are known for their Show of Might rite which is often said to make a man of boys. It is a test often taken around the age of 16-18 where boys race eachother to Kord's Peak from Winstead. The race included a long stretch of swimming, running and mountain climbing. Those who complete the test are often viewed as real men who are expected to become great warriors while those who forfeit or can not complete the test are viewed as weak or not ready to become a warrior. The race has made some controversy with the Trugarian Empire as it was originally both a rite of manhood and a test of faith towards the dead god Kord.

Historical figures

Xavelor V Whitehall is often viewed as the first real revanian king. His victory in the Black and White War which took place from A4 410 to A4 413 is viewed as the death of the old revanian culture. Xavelor was viewed as a great king and his actions towards a peaceful and fruitful relationship with the Trugarian Empire made his reign a golden age for both the country and its people.


Gender Ideals

Revanians believe that each gender has their role in society, but that role is more malleable in the revanian culture than some others. In the Old Revanian culture it was not uncommon for female to be trained to fight and even serve as soldiers, this has become less common in the last centuries. Women are expected to be caretakers for their children and household, while it is most common for males to serve in the military and fend off threats. Many women still train to fight and hunt, but a more relaxed lifestyle is common among them. Males are supposed to lead and represent their family, something which is also present in the succession laws in Revendell as the county prefers male heirs and it is rare for women to own property or titles. Many of the changes and more strict gender roles now present in the revanian culture is believed to have come from the integration of the Trugarian Empire as gender roles are more strict there than in Revendell.
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