The people of Revendell are varied, less than Evlora but more than Fangorn. The dominant races of Revendell are humans, half-orcs, and half-elves. There are other races, but because of the harsh surroundings of Revendell the people have become very untrusting of beast races and other more exotic races.


Revendell is ruled by a king from the Whitehall dynasty. The king rules together with his royal council. Since the start of the fourth age, Revendell was made part of the Trugarian Empire but is still allowed the royal family and his council to rule on his behalf.


Revendell has ancient walls that were built during the second age, they have stood strong since but has suffered great damage since. The walls are guarded by Reven guards and Tru guards just like the streets. Old ballistas are also placed upon the walls to protect the three main gates.

Industry & Trade

The most iconic and rich industry of Revendell is its white larimar mines. Revendell is the only place in the world which has such a high density of white larimar, the mines were opened at the start of the second age and have been operational ever since. The soil around Revendell is also rich giving farmers an easy time with their crops.


Revendell is one of the older kingdoms in Tyrania. The kingdom was founded during the middle of the second age after the Whitehall Keep of Revendell was completed. The kingdom would rival Evlora, but never in a physical way like war but in a proudness and economical way. The Kingdoms held their distance but also traded to help each other grow. The first King of Revendell was Roscoe Whitehall of Whitehall Keep. His family would continue to reign unchallenged and undisturbed until the present day making them the longest reigning royal family in the world.   As revendell grew and their kingdom expanded during the second and third ages a number of smaller settlements would join them or be made because of Revendell. The Forest village of Arnhelm would join the Kingdom of Revendell during the third age as well and the city of Fangorn would be forcefully taken by Revendell adding their at the time small city to their own Kingdom.   During the new calamity, Revendell would surrender to Yeenagu to preserve their history, people and city. The Royal family of Whitehall would evacuate the city to Arnhelm to hide while the demons wandered the continent. This act of cowardice would be looked down upon after the calamity when the family returned back to their city. They would be accepted as the rulers, but in the meantime of their absence, the new Trugarian Empire had grown out of Fangorn and demanded their obedience and allegiance. They would be allowed to keep their royal family as rulers but they needed to swear loyalty to the emperor at every new generation of kings or queens.   During the 4th age, Revendell would rebuild their lost buildings and fix their keep. They would also expand their city as many refugees came to their doors step. Revendell also had to remove their temples devoted to their old gods and accept the new gods of the empire. There was one exception to this rule however, they were allowed to keep their cathedral to Pelor and keep worshipping him but only the people of Revendell. The empire sees Pelor as an aspect of Amaunator. This meant a lot to the people and royal family of Revendell since it was their main god and the god of the royal family.


Stone is the most common material used for buildings in Revendell as there is little wood growing around the city. Limestone, sandstone, and granite can all be found in the earth. Another very famous material for Revendell is white larimar which decorates many of the noble buildings.


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