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Old Revanian

Naming Traditions

Masculine names

Aidan, Alistaire, Blaine, Donnovan, Faolan, Sean, Terrowin, Trahvor


Major language groups and dialects

Old revanian was primarily a human and revanian culture, and because of this their main language was common. They tended to speak mostly common and with a heavy dialect often just called Revanian common. The Revanian dialect stems from the old Revanian language known as Revenik. Revenik is the ancestral language of the humans and revanians who lived in the area and formed the first major communities. It is also believed to be one of the most impactful languages in the creation of the common language. Very few people still speak Revenik as it is mostly a dead language, but the Rekklings who live in the north are said to still speak Revenik or at least a close version of the language. The royal family of Whitehall still practice the language and they believe that any king should know their ancestral language.

Shared customary codes and values

The base values of the old revanian culture are honor, bravery, stubborness and truth.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Those born to parents of the old revanian culture often has a sun bath during their first year. The sun bath is a ritual dedicated to Pelor as it is done to make sure he protects the child through their first years alive. The sun bath is done by a priest of Pelor who sinks a child into water on a sunny day when the sun is at the highest. The priest says a prayer to Pelor to have him bless and protect the child, the ritual also works as a naming for the child where the child if officialy given its name. The ritual is not only for those of old revanian but their strong connection to Pelor has made them known for it.

Historical figures

Xavelor Whitehall was one of the most important figures in the old revanian culture. He was a true revanian through and through and would become the first king of Revania which later became Revendell. He based the kingdoms laws upon the values and traditions which was found within the revanian culture, many of these remain even to this day. Much of the culture was made by and during the rule of the Whitehall Dynasty. But Xavelor managed to take small cultures within the kingdom and make the first gathered revanian culture.


Gender Ideals

There is not much difference between the genders in old revanian, but there are still some difference in what is expected between the genders. Both genders are expected to learn how to fight and hunt as strength and the ability to protect oneself is very important. It is also often the man in the family who is supposed to lead and represent his family, something which became the law of succession in Revania and Revendell as they have a male-preference primogeniture inheritence law. Soldiers and warriors in old revanian communities and kingdoms were also split between females and males as it was every persons duty to protect their family, but there were still vastly more male warriors than females.
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