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Venthirs of Durveina


The venthirs have a very easy power structure, each venthir is equal in rank and has the same say in most matters, but seniority is often respected within the order. The only exception to this is the aranthir who is the leader of the venthirs and is the person who has the last say in venthir matter, but is still expected to listen to the other venthirs. This role is often given to the most experienced venthir alive, as they retire more and more to Fylhalon, but sometimes it has been the person most liked or seen as the most "perfect" venthir of their time. There is also another role within the venthir order which has some power over the others, that role being the castle keeper which is a venthir who is expected to dedicate most of their time to Fylhalon and keeping the castle secure and guards its treasures and knowledge.

Public Agenda

The original goal of the venthirs and the goal today has not changed much, though individual venthirs has interpreted it differently. The goal has always been to protect good from evil. It has been to differentiate between evil and misunderstood and to make sure creatures and people can live, if not in peace with eachother, at least in a situation which does not lead to the death of one or both. Some venthirs believe the "good" to be civilization and that monsters are the real threat to that good, but some are much more open minded and see the difference between evil creatures and misunderstood or unknown creatures. Most venthirs are trained to not blindly kill monsters and creatures which have been labeled as monsters or evil by most people, but to investigate, learn and decide upon the situation to best suit everyone involved. This mentality is hard to maintain for some venthirs, and some never even followed the real goal, using their new power and skills to earn gold and fame for themselves.

Tho'ven Alet Talas
(True blood shows itself)

Founding Date
A2 197
Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative Names
The Venthirs, Mutants
Related Species
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