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Ocellus Ian (a.k.a. Eyes)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ocellus is slim and acrobatic. He is of average height and is well trained.

Identifying Characteristics

Ocellus has two large purple horns which curl. They are decorated with gold, electrum and brass rings.

Physical quirks

Ocellus' eyes are also known to change color at his own will and at random.

Special abilities

Ocellus is gifted with the abilities of a venthir and he has powers given to him by the Thousand Eyes. He also has telepathy which reaches 120 feet.

Apparel & Accessories

Ocellus wears leather armor with many belts and pockets. He also wears a large black cloak which has a hood that appears and disappears at his will.

Specialized Equipment

Ocellus fights mostly with daggers and poisons. He wears light armor and prefers to move quickly and silently.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ocellus was born to a poor household north in Revania. He was born a tiefling to two human parents, something which quickly caused problems for him. His father left within the first days of his birth and his mother became obsessed with methods of curing her son from his devilish condition. Her desperation and willingness to do anything to undo the curse that she believed had been put upon her with the birth of Ocellus led her down a dark path. Other locals in the village began to worry about her and eventually contacted a venthir who investigated her house. He came at the perfect time as Ocellus' mother was just about to sacrifice her son to an entity known as The Thousand Eyes. The venthir known as Renntell spared his mother, but knew he could never return to her. He decided to adopt the child and make it his youngling. Ocellus' next decade was spent learning how to become a venthir like Renntell and the others who lived at Fylhalon. He eventually made it to the rebirth serum where venthirs are mutated to become perfect hunters and fighters. Ocellus survived the rebirth serum and became a venthir, he left his birth name Ian behind and adopted his new venthir name Ocellus.   After having gone through the rebirth serum process, Ocellus began hearing strange noises and having visions in his dreams. They continued for years until he understood that the rituals his mother had done when he was a baby connected him to the Thousand Eyes. The entity began to give more and more powers to Ocellus as he developed his own and it asked for nothing in return. Ocellus was warned by Renntell and other venthirs about forces like the Thousand Eyes, but he continued to use them as they were given. For years he believed that they asked for nothing, but they had been using him at multiple moments to possess his body and gather information without him knowing. Once he confronted the entity about it they bargained that it was a good deal for Ocellus and as long as he continued to allow them these few moments he would grow in power. These eye trances were rare, but Ocellus at least knew of them when they happened after confronting the entity.   When Ocellus was 17 years old and had barely begun adventuring on his own, he came across a duergar raiding party in the Graylands. The group had just killed a caravan and was about to defile a screaming child as Ocellus made his way to the carnage. He intervened and killed all the duergars before they could touch a hair on the child. Ocellus found that everyone except for the child had been slaughtered and that she was alone, he felt bad for the child and even though he was far too young to have a youngling took her in as his own. Her name was Alicent and she was only seven years old when he rescued her. Ocellus would become more like a brother for Alicent as they were not that far apart in age, he would train her to become a venthir and had much hope for her as Renntell, his guardian was the one to make the rebirth serum and was the alchemist with the highest survival rate for the rebirth. They became close over the five years Ocellus trained her and she would become one of the greatest fighters of her generation of venthirs. She was paired with six other younglings at the time and when they went to take the rebirth serum, all of them died. This was incredibly unlikely and there had not been a completely failed generation during the 4th age. All the venthirs were heartbroken at the news, but none took it harder than Ocellus who was too young to have understood the burden of being a guardian. After her death he would go down a dark path as he became a very angry person. He began using weapons and magic rarely used by venthirs. The dark rituals he used were given to him by The Thousand Eyes and he would give up control as often as they wanted as he looked for escapes from his own life. It took him over a decade to get over the death of Alicent and begin to behave more like his previous self. After years of getting over her death, he would finally find more and more peace as he began to see her running around the halls of Fylhalon. He could see her spirit and talk with her, but none of the other venthirs could see or even detect the presence of a spirit. If she was a lost spirit or a figment of Ocellus' breaking mind is hard to make sure.




Ocellus was trained and educated at Fylhalon.


Ocellus is a venthir.

Mental Trauma

Ocellus has experienced much trauma in his life and is very affected by it. He has many moments of anxiety and delusions.
Neutral good
Year of Birth
620 33 Years old
Current Residence
Black with red pupils
Medium long, crimson
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light purple
178 centimeters
72 kilo
The Thousand Eyes
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Infernal


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