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Frograx Tayker

The Sharthir Frograx Tayker

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Frograx was an incredibly tall and strong dragonborn, this was increased even more when he became a venthir. He stood more than a feet taller than most of his kind and could lift almost ten times more than any other dragonborn.

Facial Features

Frograx had a very strong face with rigged features and long fin-like ears. He had lost his left eye to the dragon Velroc. He also had two large horns.

Special abilities

Frograx possessed a strong breath attack, even compared to some true dragons. He could produce both acid and fire which is a very unique trait for dragonborns. He was also very gifted as venthir and was capable of manifesting himself as a shadow during battle as he was given unique supernatural abilities from his encounter with shadows.

Apparel & Accessories

Frograx wore a set of half-plate armor which included his set of spiked shoulder plates which were enchanted to knock large enemies over. He also wore a hat which he became very identifiable by.

Specialized Equipment

Frogax mostly fought with his greatsword which he could partially wield in one hand at times and his heavy crossbow which he himself made. He would also use venthir equipment like bombs, potions and others trinkets which gave him advantages in battles.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Frograx Tayker was a black dragonborn ghost slayer, venthir, bounty hunter, guild leader and warrior of Dürthang. He was born in A3 1 687 and died during the first year of Dürthang at the age of 93. Frograx was born into the Tayker family which was a relatively known warrior family who has lineage going back to the dragonborn’s arrival on Tyrania. His father was Xervaster Tayker who was an incredible warrior who had gained much fame before Frograx’s birth as one of the first wyvern riders. His mother was Lyrnkabel Tayker who had fought with her husband, but settled down after they chose to have children together. Frograx had two sisters, Imberin Tayker and Nymtic Tayker. He was the first born child of their parents and was the one who spent the most time with their father. He trained Frograx from an early age to fight, wrestle and break beasts. This training made Frograx into a warrior much like his father, but he would quickly outshine his father with his own feats. By the time he was 16 years old he had already defeated a dominion champion of Rylaxian in single combat, tamed his own wyvern which he called Stormeye and killed a young sea serpent while out on a voyage. Frograx married at the age of 20 and would go on to have two children with his wife Yerenix. Frograx did not stop his adventuring after getting married and having his children, quite the opposite. Frograx went on to travel further and be gone for months at a time, if not years. He wanted to provide for his family, but not only with coins, but with fame and honor. His father had mostly retired to their hometown Tulvanth and Frograx wanted to continue his legacy and make their family name more known than ever before. This journey took him all over the continent and even to Mar’Dahar. He continued to make a name for himself, bring back trophies and honor for his family.   Frograx was a competent fighter who favored his greatsword which he inherited from his father. The weapon was magical and had been in their family for generations. He also learnt how to shoot with a crossbow when he lived in Eivendcross, a talent which he would perfect over his career, to such a degree that the sword almost became a secondary weapon for him. While in Eivendcross, Frograx learnt much about tinkering, magic and ancient lore. He studied magical secrets and long lost arts of magic like hemomancy, necromancy and chronomancy. He found an interest in the undeads and destroying them as wherever ancient corpses were found, ancient secrets and items could often be found. Even though Frograx had an interest in these subjects, he was no expert and had a hard time remembering everything that he learnt. This issue was quickly resolved for Frograx as Selvaas Anurav a vedalken who had taught him much about history in Eivendcross decided to join him on his adventures. She wanted to document his findings and write about the ancient knowledge they could discover together.   Frograx and Selvaas went on to journey together for years, and while out on their exploit managed to discover many ancient ruins and Frograx got the opportunity to fight many undead and ancient dangers while Selvaas documented from the side. During their journey, they found notes on an ancient temple that was lost during the avatar battles, it was said to have belonged to Alerius Moonsong who was a god of secrets and magic. Some rumors even hinted to that the temple was the burial site of Alerius. This peaked Selvaas’ interest and the two decided to continue looking for this ancient temple. The pair met many difficulties when trying to find the temple, it was said to be central on the continent and encased by mountains. This expedition took the better part of five years, but it paid off when they saw signs of ruins in the valley of despair. The two managed to set up a campsite near the Everfrost and slowly over a few months dug through dirt and stone to find the entrance to a lost temple. The halls of the temple were decorated in ancient languages and arcane symbols which not even Selvaas could translate with her magic. The two wandered deeper and deeper and by the time they entered a massive chamber with an almost breathing atmosphere, Selvaas was sure of what they were truly stepping into. She understood that they were not in a temple related to Alerius, but rather a much older ruin which belonged to some ancient dentreene necromancer. This fact didn’t slow Frograx as he continued to venture into the chamber. He seemed to be distracted by whispering voices which Selvaas couldn’t hear. He went on to investigate, but was caught off guard when the shadows began to move on their own and lashed out towards Frograx and Selvaas. Frograx defended himself and Selvaas against the shades and for every shade he brought down, he felt his form weaken and his soul shred. Each shade on their death dispersed into energy which clung to Frograx like a magnet. Frograx managed to bring down every shade, but the fight and necrotic energy left him drained, weak and close to death. Frograx fell unconscious moments after the last shade fell and Selvaas was left to care for Frograx alone.   Selvass was extremely intrigued by the ruins they had discovered together, but she was more worried about her friend so she decided to drag him out of the temple and attempt to find help as the wounds he had suffered were not healing by any means and his soul had been cursed by the shades. Frograx was a heavy dragonborn and wore heavy equipment, something which slowed Selvaas down much. Selvass managed to drag him out and wander into the forest while yelling for help. She wandered for hours on end with no help in sight, she was not a great navigator or tracker and was not even sure she went any right way to help. The night went on for Selvaas and she couldn’t continue with how tired she was and how heavy Frograx was and before she could find any place to rest, she herself passed out from pure exhaustion.   This would not be the end for the pair however, as when Selvaas woke up she was warm and sheltered. She found herself in a massive bed in a beautiful room and a fireplace warming her. She didn’t understand where she was or how long she had been asleep. Selvaas began wandering the castle she had awoken in, she understood it was ancient, but could not seem to place a time for its construction or who owned it. It was clearly old, but not ancient. There were dozens of rooms just like her own, but only one in every ten was lived in, though nobody was around. Her wandering eventually led her down a basement where she heard a familiar voice scream out in pain. She ran to the door where she heard Frograx from and bashed through the door to find him strapped to an upright bench with dozens of needles and prods dug into his body. He was restrained and clearly in intense pain, the needles were in the process of inserting chemicals into his body, but he also seemed to phase into a state of translucency for split seconds. There was also a person who was operating the mechanical aspects of this transfusion, he was a young half elven man who seemed as distressed as herself. In his panic of what was happening, he hadn’t noticed Selvaas entering the room. She didn’t know what was happening, but she understood that he was trying to save Frograx so without question she offered to help him with whatever was happening. He was surprised and scared of her arrival at first, but quickly accepted and informed her of what was happening. The two managed to work together and safely stabilize the process. Frograx never blacked out during the painful experiment, but became mostly quiet after the phasing stopped. The man explained that Frograx was going through a rebirth process which was a strong mutation serum that created the fabled venthirs of Durveina. The process was normally only meant for children, but he didn’t know what else to do as nothing he had tried seemed to work on Frograx and this was his last hope. Frograx was strong and seemed to take the serum well enough, but the phasing and translucency was something he had never seen before. He didn’t know what caused it, but was incredibly curious to watch the results if he survived. He also introduced himself as Victor von Merzing, an arcanist, tinkerer, historian and alchemist. He was no venthir himself, but had stayed with them for months as he wanted to understand their secrets and the magic that they had mastered while the rest of the world taught it only to be a myth. He had been helping with the creation of the mutation serum as their last alchemist had recently passed and it would take long before anyone else could master it, so he was allowed to take a go at it while they trained alongside him. The dose he had given to Frograx was one of his creations and when he pumped it into him, he didn’t know if it was complete or even the right combination of chemicals. He wanted to make it clear that he was not sure if he would survive or if he would become like a venthir or something else entirely. Selvaas was worried after hearing what he had to say, but she couldn’t do anything about the situation except wait, so that was what she did.   It took days for Frograx to fully recover but he would survive the serum and the experiments done to save his life. He was thankful to the both of them for saving him, but was unsure of what had happened to him as he felt different in many ways. It was clear that he had become a vanthir and the serum had worked, but there was also something else. He seemed to be able to control his state in such a way that he could phase almost at will and he had a strong connection to the more spiritual side of life. Whatever had happened to him had to be studied and Frograx needed to learn to control it. He was allowed to stay at Fylhalon for as long as he wanted by the venthirs and was accepted as one of them. He was given an echo ring and was taught many of their secrets in alchemy and science. Frograx’s echo was the tiger which is quite rare for echos.   Frograx learnt many things while staying in Fylhalon. He continued his practices, training and experimentation. He learnt how to use venthir alchemy to his benefit and he and victor managed to create a new weapon which complimented Frograx’s new abilities and put his old skills to good use. They created a magical crossbow which they called the Crimson Crossbow. It was an elegant weapon which could harness blood from its victims and let Frograx manipulate it in many different forms. While Frograx learnt to control his new abilities and learnt what it meant to be a venthir and was taught these new skills, Selvaas used her time to study the venthirs lore and knowledge from their ancient libraries. The library the venthirs had could rival the one she was taught at in Eivendcross, but many of their texts were older and more focused on creatures, hemomancy and the planes. All things she had gotten an interest for. The two stayed at Fylhalon for a very long time while Frograx sometimes went out with other venthirs to hunt monsters. The two even managed to recover much information from the digsite where Frograx was originally cursed and with the help of the venthirs managed to bring everything of interest back to Fylhalon for research. They learnt that the lair they had found belonged to a dentreen necromancer by the name of Tharshal Xernvaile. The knowledge that was brought back to the venthirs was invaluable and Selvaas was given permission to take credit for the find and take the information with her and even build upon it by comparing it to some of the knowledge within Fylhalon. Everything she learnt and discovered from the dentreene necromancer and related knowledge from the venthirs made her able to write five books while staying at Fylhalon which would all be known as the Tharshal’s Tomes of Spiritual Necromancy.   Frograx stayed at Fylhalon for 17 years before he returned to Decaris. The total time of his expedition was 23 years and when he returned to his wife and children, he found out that they had almost forgotten him and moved on with their lives. The time they went on living without word of his exploits or survival had made them assume he had died and would never return. Yerenix had moved on from Frograx and married Shilax Wyrthas who she had two more kids with. Frograx’s children had taken the name Wyrthas as well and while Frograx had been away, his parents had died of old age while out on his journey and he was the last living Tayker. This upset him greatly, but he understood why it had happened, he had nobody to blame but himself.   Frograx continued to explore and hunt for many decades still, but to his surprise, he would find love again. He met another dragonborn on his journey by the name of Ashtryd Ilrydd and she was a powerful warrior. She had joined Frograx and Selvass after they fought alongside her in the montlet coast while hunting a new type of dragon known as a velroc. It was the same battle that had him lose an eye, but he gained a soulmate in Ashtryd. They quickly fell in love and journeyed together, Frograx had been told that he could not have children because of his condition as a venthir, but after 9 years with Ashtryd, they had a daughter which they called Vilxenthria. Frograx wanted to be a father the right way this time so they both settled together in Decaris and raised their daughter. Selvass parted with Frograx when he decided to settle and she would go on to travel between cities for some time before finding a home herself in Evlora. Frograx was 70 when he settled with Ashtryd and he would go on to work some jobs around Decaris and protect it from threats out of the guards league, but he mostly stayed home with his family. Until the end bells rang and Dürthang had begun. The demon invasion would quickly come upon Decaris and Frograx went on to fight in it. He managed to get his family out of the kingdom, but stayed behind to fight the invading demon lord Beshaba. He and others managed to cut down many of her demons, and he even got a few swings in on the demon princess herself, but he was stabbed in the back while doing so and killed by an angel of the abyss known as Jaoel the Proud. This would be the end of Frograx, but his family continued and his story would be treasured by the venthirs who later found his echo ring and brought it home to their castle, where it now rests.




Frograx was an adventurer and venthir who sought out gold and glory.
Champion of Decaris
Serpent Slayer
The Sharthir
The Shadow Tiger
Venthir of Fylhalon
Warrior of Dürthang
Angel Slayer
Rider of Stormeye
Lawful Good
Date of Birth
26th of Almwatar A3 1 687
Date of Death
17th of Al'Akhar 1st year of Dürthang
Place of Death
Light green
Short head-tails
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black scales which became more purple with age
223 centimeters
164 kilo
Ancestral worship
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Vedalken


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