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Basic Information


Dragonborn share most of their anatomy with humans, however, their body is covered in scales, they have tentacle-like hair and they have long thick tales.

Biological Traits

Dragonborn vary immensely from dragonborn to dragonborn. They are all born with a distinct chromatic or metallic color, but there are no pure colored dragonborns as inter color breeding is normal and signs of their heritage can often be found in their scales. Dragonborns also have different lengths on their tentacle-like hair, and some never grow them. There are also a few dragonborn that are born with horns, but they are very rare. Even rarer are dragonborns who are born with wings. Winged dragonborns are the rarest type of dragonborn. Many generations can pass without a single one being born.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragonborns reproduce the same way as humans, there are some misconceptions that dragonborns lay eggs, but they are born like most humanoid creatures.

Growth Rate & Stages

Young dragonborn grow quickly. They walk hours after being born, attain the size and development of a 10-year-old human child by the age of 3, and reach Adulthood by 15.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Their faces are always draconic in shape and have big mouths with many sharp teeth. Their eyes color, scales, and fins differs from dragonborn to dragonborn making them very easy to recognize.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Many dragonborns are wanderers and travelers exploring the world, but there is a big civilization of dragonborns living in Decaris on Tyrania. It is a place of mostly dragonborns and is seen as the new home of Dragonborns as their old ancient home the kingdom of Palanthiar.

Average Intelligence

Dragonborn are of average intelligence.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragonborn has no better senses than humans.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Decaris is a kingdom of Dragonborn found in the south west part of Tyrania.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Dragonborns all know Draconic which is their main language, but they are also thaught common.


Dragonborns came to Tyrania at the end of the Time of Troubles and have stayed ever since. Their history is long and filled with terror and war. They were originally tribes in the spine peaks, but when Thornheart came they were given a choice, become slaves or die. Most dragonborns fled and were ready to fight instead of living in captivity, but some stayed because they were weak and spineless. These dragonborns would have their tails cut and become a new subspecies of Dragonborn known as the Cut. The rest of the dragonborn found a valley in dragon peaks inhabited by a solitary tribe of Half Dragon . They fought the half-dragons for their territory and won, driving the half-dragons away. The half-dragons joined thornheart and became slavers of dragonborns.   The dragonborns began building a home for themself and eventually called it Decaris. They would go on to improve their civilization for millennia but would eventually fall into a long war with goblins close by. This war has raged for over 400 years and continues to this day.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dragonborns are mostly found in relationships with their own kind, but there are a few exceptions to this. Dragonborn can only mate and breed with other dragonborns, but some relationships between dragonborn and other races are not unheard even how rare they might be.
Genetic Descendants
80 years
Average Height
Between 188 cm to 210 cm
Average Weight
Between 100 kilo to 150 kilo
Average Length
210 centimeters - 250 centimeters
Average Physique
Dragonborns are often taller and wider than humans and races close to humans. They are born with a much higher muscle density and born strength. Dragonborn are often feared for their immense strength and size.


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