Whitehall Dynasty


The Whitehall dyansty is ruled by the dynasty head which is also the title given to the king of Revendell. Whitehall has many branch houses within who also serve the head of the dynasty, but every branch famil has their own family head who is responsible for their own family. The Dynasy head is also responsible for maintaining a good relationship between each house and is also the only person with the power to legitimate a new house within the dynasty. Additionally all political marriages has to be approved by the head of the dynasty and the head also has the power to force marriages on all unmarried members of the dynasty if an alliance or political relationship is needed, this however, is an incredibly rare occurance as the dynasty head mostly leaves marriages to the individual or their parents.


The Whitehall dynasty has made their down culture and traditions which has carried over the ages almost since the beginning. Not only the royal families follow this tradition, but many of the loyal families, old families and civilians of Revendell pride themselves in the old Revanian traditions which include the worship of Pelor. Their way if living and ruling also follows these traditions and values. Honor, bravery, stubbornness and truth are all values who the families hold close and has often followed when it comes to their method of ruling. The familiy also believes that any ruler within their family or kingdom should be able to defend it themself in combat.


The Whitehall family is a wealthy family, far wealthier than most noble families in their own kingdom and nearby kingdoms. The family is not as wealthy as the Trugar or Lockhart family as they have suffered many losses and economical damages in recent decades but the combined wealth of the dynasty and branch houses would put them close if not above. The family is also famous for their magical artifacts, including the Greenblade, the Alabaster blade and the Larimar Plate. However, the fame of these items are not how powerful they are, but rather that they are all lost as of A4 652.


The Whitehall dynasty is one of the oldest still living dynasties in the world. When the name was first used is unknown, but its first records of noble meaning is when Revendell declared itself a kingdom during the late second age. The name came before the kingdom and the castle of the kingdom "Whitehall Keep" was originally named after its first owner and architect Xavelor Whitehall the First. The family has stood strong throughout the ages and become widespread and have had many new branch families formed within. Even though the family was almost killed off during the new calamity, it quickly grew back in power and renown during the 4th age.

Sharp as a sword, pure as a crystal


The Whitespear family and the Whitehall dynasty used to be close and allied, but their relations weakened after the The Whitehall Rebellion.


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