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Ethena Astorma "Storm" Silverhand

The famous Bard of Shadowdale is known for her merry manner and her bold adventures as a leader of the Harpers. She approaches life with endless high spirit and gusto, has little personal arrogance, and spends much time training young Harpers, protecting Shadowdale against its foes, and aiding unhappy youngsters. About all that upsets Storm is the unhappiness of good folk; working to make others happy drives her through the days.   Folk of Shadowdale see her as their local healer, mid wife, herbalist, and a fellow farmer who'll pitch in to help them at Harvesttide, bringing along several willing Harpers to serve as unpaid, somewhat skilled "hands." They bring their injured and sick to her - and no matter what the hour, Storm greets them all with a smile and a gentle hand. Children love her, the common folk adore her, and the elves of Evereska awarded her with high noble titles never before given to a human.   The stupidity of rulers causes her exasperation but deliberate misuse of authority infuriates her. Storm's grim, get-even temper leads her to arrange "poetic justice" (punishment fitting the crime) for swindlers, thieves, arsonists and vandals, and tyrants- and she'll combat such foes with no thought for her personal safety, but a deep regard for what danger her actions may bring upon others. Rulers whom she thinks can be "rescued" by education or guidance, she'll work with. The Harpers regard her as their most valuable member. Others may be more powerful or wiser, but Storm is the perfect teacher and inspiration. She's also a personal favorite of the goddess Mystra, who several times whisked her away from certain death (though Storm never expects or counts on such aid).   Storm is one of the legendary Seven Sisters, which includes Alustriel Silverhand the “Lady of Silverymoon”, Alassra Shentrantra Silverhand known as "The Simbul" Witch-Queen of Aglarond, Dove Falconhand the legendary Ranger, Laeral Silverhand the Open Lord of Waterdeep, Eresseae Qilué Silverhand the Drow priestess of @Eilistraee, and Anastra Syluné Silverhand, the now deceased “Witch of Shadowdale”.   In her early years, Storm was the wildest of the Seven Sisters, pursuing a career as a rogue at first, then sorcerer, based out of Shadowdale. In those years, Storm become a prominent member and leader in the Harpers (she remains heavily involved with the Harpers today). Years of adventuring and travels, Storm met and fell in love with a good-aligned fighter named Maxam, where she learned the ways of the fighter in the years of adventure with Maxam and his band. After many years of adventure, Storm changed her approach to adventure and became a bard.   Maxam was killed in battle, and since that time Storm has semi-retired to Shadowdale.


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