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Qilué Silverhand Veladorn

Qilué is a 6ft tall Drow female of wild, dazzling beauty (as opposed to the sleek, well-groomed appearance of most drow priestesses). She has silvery hair that flows down to her ankles, and silver eyes, like her goddess, that are larger than those of most drow. Her appearance is so awe-inspiring, imperious at times, that Liriel Baenre believed Qilué to be Eilistraee herself when meeting her for the first time. Though born to a human couple, Qilué was full-blooded Drow, due to the bizarre events surrounding her birth.    By the time her mother (the half-elf sorceress Elué Shundar) was bearing the seventh child, the woman–possessed by Mystra–was almost reduced to a husk by the goddess’ power that flowed in her body. Believing his wife to be the victim of an evil spirit, Qilué’s father (the human harper Dornal Silverhand) killed her, endangering not only the child’s life, but her soul as well, as she would have been completely destroyed by the power of the Lady of Mysteries.    Looking for another pregnant female strong enough to bear the child, Mystra chose a drow follower of Eilistraee, Iliryztara Veladorn, who was leading a group of like-minded drow to found a community on the surface, near the spot where Dornal killed Elué. Iliryztara’s unborn daughter had died during the journey, and that would have eventually led to her death. Since Eilistraee was trying to find a way to save her follower, Mystra offered to replace the dead baby with the soul of the seventh sister, Qilué, to save both. Eilistraee accepted Mystra’s offer, and the Dark Sister came to life–and so did the friendship between the Dark Maiden and the Lady of Mysteries.   The seventh among The Seven Sisters, or the "Dark Sister", Qilué was the focus of wild rumors, her reputation on the surface Realms being made up of whispers and voices, but nothing more (and often far from the truth). More than any of the other Sisters, because of her service to (and her being a chosen of) two free-spirited goddesses (Eilistraee and Mystra—The Two Who Watch, as she called the goddesses when weary of their directives), she was always careful of her power and of using it properly.   Qilué Veladorn is the high priestess of the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, a temple to Eilistraee that she founded near Skullport, in the Undermountain, an underground dungeon that lies below the city of Waterdeep. The other drow of the temple regard her as the Chosen of the Chosen (Chosen of Eilistraee was often used as an alias by her followers), as she was a leader and an inspiration to them: they look to her as an exemplar and both respect and love her.   The Dark Sister had a talent in playing pranks and making mischief, and she—covered in illusions—would often visit the city of Waterdeep, joining parties of the Waterdhavian nobility or learning about the human society. She particularly enjoys taking Laeral's appearance, and her wild, mischievous ways and dalliances with human men have gained her sister quite a reputation among the nobility. The Dark Sister can be totally uninhibited at said parties and celebrations: her duties don't leave her much time to dedicate to herself, so she fully enjoys any chance to unwind, often letting all control escape her, dancing and frolicking with wild abandon.


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