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Dove Falconhand

Dove Falconhand, born Ambara Dove Silverhand is a ranger, Chosen of Mystra, and one of the The Seven Sisters, known for her skill at arms. Most folk in the Realms know her as a member of the Knights of Myth Drannor who is skilled with bow and sword, but says little. Fellow Harpers know her as an accomplished singer and harpist, and also know she has been raising her son, Azalar Falconhand, in Evermeet. Azalar's father (Dove's husband) is Florin Falconhand of the aforementioned Knights.   Dove is a broad-shouldered 6-feet tall human woman with long tresses of silver hair like her sisters. "A lithe and deadly mountain of a woman," a Harper minstrel once sang of her - before he realized she was in the audience and started to flee. His fright vanished when her bubbling laughter roared across the room, deep and loud, and she imitated the ground-shaking, thunderous stalk of a giant.   The most shy and withdrawn of her sisters (though in such an extroverted lot, that is not saying much), Dove used magic to pretend to be a swanmay for some years. At least twice she has used spells to pose as a man for extended periods. She is by nature a fairly quiet, capable, unflappable sort of person, and she has learned to maintain this tranquility in the thick of battle. Her calmness is often unbelievable to those around her. Groups as disparate as Waterdhavian nobles and her own companions-at-arms find it unsettling and misleading. The nobles cannot believe her tales of adventuring are true because she speaks so matter-of-factually of great and dangerous events, and sword companions are stunned when she quietly wades into the midst of the most confusing, bloody battle.   Dove enjoys lounging silently about, watching and listening to the wildlife. She can wait patiently for hours and even days. Some folk have misinterpreted her silence and patience as signs that she is "slow," but she is a very capable battlefield leader, and she has divined the secrets of some very complex traps and mazes during her dungeon-crawling days.


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