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Anastra Syluné Silverhand

Anastra Syluné Silverhand, more commonly known as Syluné and also known as the Witch of Shadowdale, was the eldest of The Seven Sisters. After her death at the hands of The Cult of the Dragon, she remained in Shadowdale as a spectral harpist.  


Syluné decided that she could best serve Mystra by settling down and nurturing a community to show that magic was more than just a weapon. She hoped to one day set up a magical school, as well. Mystra agreed, and so Syluné wandered the Realms for centuries, enhancing her own magecraft and looking for a suitable place to achieve her goal. In her quest, she trained under hermits, druids, priests, and liches, as well as other mages. She spent a lot of time in the east in Thay (in disguise), with the Witches of Rashemen, and she visited the land of Kara-Tur several times as well. She made many powerful acquaintances during this time, and also found and used the Scepter of Savras, but eventually handed it over to Azuth (after Savras, in an attempt to escape from his prison, gave her the secret ability to transform herself into a silver dragon). Since then, Azuth has personally watched over Syluné. When she finally picked a place to settle down, she chose Shadowdale and eventually married Aumry Obarskyr, the leader of the Dale at the time.   Sylune was a kindly, polite (though sometimes stern), and wise woman, but some of her neighbors still feared her. She made medicines and gave advice to those who came to see her at her house by the millpond at the western end of town. She held a lot of influence in the Elven Court, which saved a fledgling Shadowdale from many potentially devastating attacks. She was an incredibly shrewd judge of character, being able to accurately predict what people would do in nearly every given situation. This gave her the reputation of a seer (which was unfortunately inaccurate). She loved Shadowdale with all of her being and similarly enjoyed performing and witnessing acts of kindness. She was irritated by those who habitually used magic to harm or oppress others.  

Death and Spectral Return

Syluné died in 1356 DR while defending the Twisted Tower from three dragons by breaking her staff of the magi. Syluné then watched over the lands and the people she loved as a type of ghost called a spectral harpist.   Syluné's existence as a spirit is not widely known. Only her friends and certain Harpers know for sure, though several of the folk of Shadowdale suspected as much. She spent her time giving advice to those who asked it of her, and acted as an ever-vigilant guardian of her beloved home, informing Lord Mourngrym of any Zhentarim activity she witnessed. Occasionally, she would give a fragment of stone from her hut to lone female Harpers so that she could accompany them on their adventures and potentially run into some of her old acquaintances. Over time, she also had Harpers place stones in certain places that only a spirit, such as herself, would be able to easily reach. She invented a spell that used these stones to transport her to various places in Faerûn, including Suzail, Waterdeep, Berdusk, Silverymoon and Everlund.   Syluné could speak and manifest herself through an enchanted pebble that was given by Storm Silverhand to Laeral Silverhand. The three sisters would often merrily chat together, and Syluné helped Laeral with her new position as Open Lord of Waterdeep.

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